Beer, Newtown Fair and yet more beer

If you were to ask me what the theme of this weekend was, I think I would have to say ‘beer’.  From making beef in beer on Saturday, to drinking some amazing home brew and learning a lot about making it, it seems to have turned into a beer focused weekend.

A couple of people have asked me what recipe I used for the beef in beer I made for dinner on Saturday.  For years I have followed Delia Smith, (without the croutons) but this time around I went with Nigella Lawson’s version (obviously not using goose fat – who has that lying around?  The lardons were not smoked either, and I didn’t add sugar).  I used this beer below, naturally tasting the left overs.  It’s was a really rich, smokey beer, full of flavour, and meant to be sipped and relished rather than knock back in a hurry on a hot day.


The weather on Sunday could not have been more different to that on Saturday – hot, sunny and barely any wind compared to the rain, thunder and stormy weather of the day before.  With it being such a nice day, we headed over to the Newtown Fair.  As well as the usual stalls, selling food, crafts and tat, the political parties and local community groups were also represented.  There were two big stages with music,  as well as a few smaller ones.




I was also able to get a couple of pictures at last of one of my favourite buildings in that part of town.  We usually drive past, so it made a nice change to actually be able to walk along the street in front of the building.


IMG_4284From there we went to visit a friend who lives nearby to watch him make beer and learn all about the process.  Naturally, this involved some tasting, and very good it was too!



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