Chairs, Tables and Dining with friends

A few weeks ago, my nephew, Peter Mountford, had an article published in The New York Times.  The piece, “How I Came To Live in a Chair Emporium”, was about a table and chairs that had been used, loved and which held lots of memories.  It’s a lovely piece, and well worth taking a few moments to read.  It was therefore wonderful to see pictures of those very chairs and table on Facebook the other day, the chairs still with their tapestry seats, that I remember my mother helping to stitch.

Moments like this obviously bring back memories, and I realised looking around our furniture that we are still using 5 (what happened to number 6?) dining chairs I bought in the early 1990s for my first solo flat.  They were extremely cheap, and the seats of 2 of them needed to be upholstered, but I desperately needed something to sit on at the table before my cousin and husband came to visit from Poland.  All these years later and the seats have still not been replaced, and now all 5 need to be done.  The table that now stands in our living room window, is also one with a history, standing in the window at my childhood home, covered with plants.  It came with me to Copenhagen, where it was used as a computer table, and now is with me here in Wellington.  None of this furniture is particularly valuable, but the pieces have moved with me wherever I have gone.


One of the chairs

Tables and chairs featured a lot this week as we were invited out twice for dinner.  On Friday, we headed over to have dinner at Scorching Bay.  We took 2 buses which took about an hour instead of the normal short drive.  This meant, however, that we were able to get a fantastic view over the bay when we arrived at our stop.


A late summer evening

We ate a wonderful prawn, avocado and mango first course, followed by an excellent fish soup with green lipped mussels, all washed down with Martinborough wines.


The view we had with pre-dinner drinks

Yesterday (Saturday) we had dinner with some other friends who also have an amazing view over the water. We met new people, ate moussaka, sipped some rose, and chatted about 1001 topics, sitting around the table.

IMG_4223View going down to dinner

Which brings me back to my nephew’s article.  Sitting round a well loved table with friends, eating, drinking and sharing stories, is a wonderful thing to do, and memories of these events and occasions can often stay with us. So next time you think about chucking out an old chair, think of the memories it holds and maybe reconsider.  And maybe it is time I took upholstery classes and fixed up the chairs…..

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