A wedding, a farmers’ market and a weekend away

This weekend we went north to Leigh to celebrate the wedding of two of our friends in Auckland.  The wedding was held at the Danish house we stayed in and visited back in August that you can read about here and here.  It was a lovely event, with the ceremony being held under a tree on the estate, lots of wine, beer and fizz and a dinner in a marquee set up beside the house.  The weather was hot and sunny, the bride looked lovely in a Karen Walker dress, and we met up with old and new friends.


Walking to the ceremony

We flew up from Wellington on Friday, and eventually got to Leigh after being stuck in the Auckland traffic (a 90 minute journey took 3 hours….).  This time we stayed at a nice bed and breakfast in Leigh itself, not far from the Sawmill Cafe, where we had dinner that night.  We opted for a ‘split pizza’, with one half for me called ‘Gratuitous’ which was topped with fresh fish, shrimps, capers, aioli and lemon and the other half for Karl, the ‘Porca Bella’, with champagne ham, caramelised pineapple, capsicum, and sage.  While my topping was hardly traditional, it was excellent, as was the accompanying green salad, and just what was needed after our journey.  Karl enjoyed his slightly more sophisticated version of a Hawaiian pizza too.


The pizza

IMG_4172The ‘Gratuitous’ pizza close up

To wash this down, I had some wonderful local pinot gris and Karl naturally had some of the Sawmill brewery’s pilsner.

On Saturday morning before we headed off to the wedding, we drove over to the farmer’s market at Matakana, which also visited last time last time we were up here.  I bought some almond, brazil and cashew nut butter which tasted too good not to, and we also snacked on some pre-wedding cheese and ham toasties.

IMG_4173Matakana market – this time in summer


A first class toastie


Anyone know what is No 1?


View from Leigh

Now we are back in Wellington and slowly getting ready for the week ahead, while following the news from Copenhagen.  When you here of incidents like this in places you know well, it always feels just a little more close to home, even when you are on the other side of the world.

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