Sun, sea and sand

Living in Wellington, means we have easy access to the Kāpiti Coast with its beaches and ever so slightly warmer temperatures.  In the past week, we have actually been up there twice – once on the 2nd before we went back to work and once yesterday (ie Saturday).  The Kāpiti coastline is about 40km long, and stretches from Ōtaki in the north, to Paekākāriki in the south.  Kāpiti Island lies around 4km offshore in the Tasman Sea and is a nature reserve.

Last week, we went up to Waikanae, where there is a 5km long beach.  We had planned to go there again this week, but the volume of traffic caused us to rethink and turn off at Paraparaumu instead.


Kāpiti Island in the distance from Waikanae


The beach


Another view of the island

Paraparaumu is the main town on the Kāpiti Coast, and where trips to the island leave from.  It has a real seaside town feel to it, though still retains a wonderful unspoiled beach.


Part of the beach


Kāpiti Island from Paraparaumu


Windsurfer in the distance


A blue horizon

Two glorious days at the beach has meant the return to work has not been too painful!  The coming working week will be a short one as we are off on Friday on a trip which I’ll be reporting on when we come back.  I’ve not done any baking or even cooked anything interesting this week, though we did have an excellent steak at El Matador on Cuba Street on Monday.  Very succulent and beautifully cooked and served.  It made a good first day back at work treat!


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