Feasts, more feasts and sunshine

Those days between Christmas and New Year are often filled with visits, eating leftovers, perhaps some sale shopping and generally a time to relax – at least for those of us who are lucky enough not to have to work at this time of the year.  After feasts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, on Boxing Day, we got out of the house and took a walk around the Botanic Gardens.  At last it seems we are having some proper summer days.



The day after Boxing Day, which I feel should also have a name (More Ham and Turkey Day?  Who Ate All The Best Chocolates Day?), we invited some friends for lunch.  I made a quiche and some potato salad (the trick to a good one is just the right amount of spring onion and lots and lots of dill and good mayonnaise), along with a pasta salad, a salad of cannellini beans, green beans, feta, tomato and basil and a basic green salad.  There was left over ham and herring, cheese, bread and olives too.  One friend brought some home made cookies and strawberries for desert which we had along with some seasonal cherries.

IMG_3833 IMG_3836So it was a good idea that today I headed over for an X-tend Barre class!  This was followed by sitting in the sun with ‘The Goldfinch’.   I am about half way through and enjoying it so far.  It looks like the weather will hold up for a few more days at least so it looks like a sunny, summer start to the new year.



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