Ham, herring and Christmas cheer

Christmas is coming…and I’m partly organised at least.  Cards and parcels are posted, some stocking fillers have been bought and some of the food such as a giant ham, several jars of herring and some Swedish ginger biscuits, all ready for Christmas Eve, when we celebrate Christmas.


Last weekend was the Thorndon Fair, with stalls selling food, crafts and other things are set up down Taranaki Street.  Local businesses also open their doors, such as the Cosa Nostra restaurant we have been to a couple of times, who were selling pizza.  The weather was atrocious (see picture below), with rain and wind, but we still went down to see what was going on.


The Prime Minister’s residence is in Thorndon, and the car park was opened up to a bouncy castle and other similar things. However, the driveway up to the house was blocked as you can see below.


We bought a couple of bottles of port for the festive season from Ruahine Ports.  One a plum port, made from Black Doris Plums, full of fruity flavours, and a second, Tawny Tahr cherry port.

This Sunday the weather has been much nicer and after a great steak sandwich at Grill Meats Beer on Cuba Street and some secret seasonal shopping, we stood for over an hour (!) to watch the Christmas Parade.  A couple of photos below!




What with that and watching the Lucia (see this post) concert live from Gothenburg (how did we survive pre-internet?), I am now much more in the Christmas mood!

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