Share Your World: Week 47

I’ve just started a new job, and am not sure quite how I am going to fit in things like blogging into my new routine, but am sure I will find the time!  Cee’s Share Your World challenge this week coincides with American Thanksgiving and is to list 50 things you enjoy.  Not being American, Thanksgiving means nothing to me, but this is a lovely challenge for anyone at any time of the year.

1. Dancing – watching, doing (though nowadays, the latter activity is done in the privacy of my home!).

2. X-tend barre and Pilates classes.

3. Cooking, especially baking

4. Eating good food in the company of friends

5. Being in the company of my husband

6. The smell of aircraft fuel

7. The sound of the first glass of wine being poured from the bottle

8. David Hockney’s Mount Fuji and flowers

9. Cats



10.  A good detective novel

11.  Books by Barbara Pym

12.  Living in New Zealand


13.  My home town, Edinburgh

14.  Lying in a bath

15.  A cup of tea

16.  Seafood

17.  Remembering great holidays

18.  Writing

19.  Reading

20.  Being by the sea


21.  Reading magazines

22.  A glass of vintage champagne

23.  The smell of coriander, dill, basil

24.  Seeing former students blossom and grow and have amazing lives

25.  Scrambled eggs and baked beans

26.  Christmas Eve

27.  A good film

28.  Listening to the radio (and also podcasts)

29.  Returning to favourite books like “Diary of a Nobody”

30.  Pineapple Upside Down Cake


31.  Black pudding

32.  Laughing

33.  Rich, dark fruit cake

34.  Walking in Paris

35.  Talking to small children

36.  Flowers

37.  Food shopping (even the weekly supermarket shop!)

38.  Blogging – writing and reading

39.  Sitting in a cafe watching the world go by

40.  Looking at old family photographs

41.  Photographs (I am a snapper not a photographer)

42.  Textiles and textile design

43.  Messing about in the garden/with plants

44.  Reading cook books

45.  Laughing with my husband, friends, family

46.  Cool jazz

47.  Old style metal music

48.  Piano

49.  Holidays

50.  That 10 minutes of peace sitting in the sun……



1 Comment

  1. A list like this is wonderful any time of the year. I adore your last one of 10 minutes of peace sitting in the sun. What a blessing. Smell of basil….that’s good too.

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