Summer, sun and sand

The Civic Square in Wellington is home to the City Art Gallery, central library and council offices.  It is also a place that is nice to sit in on a sunny day. This week in one corner, a pop-up beach appeared.  This is the first of a series of six pop-ups planned for the centre Wellington this summer. It isn’t as if the city doesn’t have access to lots of real beaches, but this is kind of a fun idea to use the space and encourage people to linger a little here.


There is also a competition running to ‘design’ an ice-cream for Wellington.  Suggestions can be put forward on social media and the new ice-cream will go on sale from 1st December.  Personally, I think this a fun idea and a nice way of getting people involved in something in the community, even though it is only ice-cream!


It was the official Guy Fawkes fireworks display on Saturday evening.  We did what we did last year, and walked up to see it from the viewing point at the top of the cable car in Kelburn.  It was a lovely clear and quite warm night, and we had a good view of the display down at the waterfront.  There were loads of locals there of all ages, including some smaller children already in their pyjamas, ready to be bundled into bed when they got home.

I tried to take a couple of pictures with my phone but they were hopelessly bad, so here is the official picture from of last night’s event.




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