6 things: meat, fish and veg

6 things we’ve been eating recently:

1) Asparagus

Spring means asparagus.  I love it just with some melted butter.  If there is any left over, it can be added to anything the next day.  It is a short season and one to make the most of.


2) Aubergine

Aubergines (or eggplants which is nowhere nearly as nice a name) always look so lovely, with their rich, purple, shiny skins.  I quite often end up buying one, and then not really knowing what to do with it.  Usually I fry it in good olive oil with loads of garlic, but baking it is another good option.


Several food blogs have had recipes featuring this vegetable recently, so inspired by Laura Vincent over at Hungry and Frozen, I baked cubed aubergine in the oven.  Recipe here.


3) Smoked yoghurt

I served it with a small dollop of this amazing smoked yoghurt on the top.  Fantastic!  This Zany Zeus yoghurt is lightly smoked with manuka shavings and is most definitely not to be served in a large bowl with muesli!  It is more of something to add to a salad, baked potato or roasted vegetables, or even served as a dip.


4) Lamb

When I lived in Denmark, lamb was an expensive rarity in the supermarkets, though we often bought lamb mince when in we shopped over in Malmö, Sweden.  So it is great now to have access to good lamb such as this coastal spring lamb, which was just bursting with flavour.


5) Kalles Kaviar

This Swedish fish paste is just wonderful.  Spread thinly on toast with a hard boiled egg, or with a little cream cheese, makes a perfect breakfast or anytime snack.  Well, it does if you like it like I do!  I guess it is a bit like Marmite – you love it or you hate it – I happen to love both products.


6) Strawberries

And the first strawberries are in the shops – nothing more to say really!





  1. I’ve been eating lots of asparagus because it’s been appearing in our fruit and vege delivery. I used to hate asparagus but after eating it twice in the last two weeks, I realise I don’t hate it as much as I thought. Funny how flavours and tastes change over years.

    I still wouldn’t buy it, but if it appears in my life, I know that I can eat it.

    1. I agree how flavours and tastes change over the years. Maybe like you with asparagus, I have a love/hate relationship with cucumber of all things. Sometimes I love it, other times I can’t stand the smell. Whether it is the type of cucumber or what I don’t know. I think you have to have something with asparagus, like hollandaise or good butter, which makes me wonder if I like the accompaniment or the vegetable!

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