Spring, sunshine and a cable car

We had beautiful weather yesterday (Wednesday), and as I had been up in Kelburn in the morning, I took the cable car down to town.  It had been ages since I had been on it, and thought that a sunny day was the perfect time for a wee run down the hill into the city.

IMG_3330The station at the top


The car approaches

Opened in 1902, it was designed to connect the newer parts of the city being built in the surrounding hills to the city centre.  It is part of Wellington’s public transport system, but also a tourist attraction, providing a scenic route up to the Kelburn entrance of the Botanic Gardens.  In the summer when the cruise ships are in, it can be impossible to get on, so much so, that if you are a local, regular user, you can let the driver know so you get priority boarding!

IMG_3333View from the window going down


No tourists today


One of the stops on the way down

It looks like we can expect the cold southerly winds just in time for the holiday weekend, so we will no doubt be drinking tea and eating baking instead of walking on the beach.

One final note – the annual Quality of Life survey released yesterday reported that Wellington residents voted the city top in terms of overall quality of life.  You can see the short film the council produced celebrating this fact here.


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