Pizza, an ice-cream and a film (or two)

It had been ages since we had been to the cinema, but this Saturday we headed off to see “Gone Girl” at the Lighthouse Cinema.  We walked there, and as the weather proved to be warmer than we had expected, we were definitely in need of an ice-cream when we got there.  Karl opted for the classic Hokey Pokey, while I went for the passion fruit.  I’m not really a huge ice-cream or chocolate fan, but there are days and times when both are needed.

IMG_3318Passion fruit ice-cream cone dipped in chocolate with bite already taken

As for the film, we both really enjoyed it and hardly noticed that it was 2.5 hours long as there are so many twists and turns to the plot.  Ben Affleck and Rosamond Pike were both excellent in the two main roles, and it was good to see Neil Patrick Harris in something other than “How I Met Your Mother”.

When we came out of the cinema, we popped into The Laundry on Cuba Street for a drink and to people watch before we crossed the road to Heaven for our pizza.  We’ve been there a lot so we have our favourites all ready to order – aubergine for me (always topped with fresh basil and olives) and pepperoni for Karl.


Cuba Street, early Saturday evening

Well, it’s proving to be another lazy Sunday, though I have promised to make lasagne for dinner tonight and really must do some much needed housework, always such a bore.  Until the time that the dusters come out though, I am watching “Passport to Pimlico”, an Ealing comedy from 1949, about residents of Pimlico in London who, thanks to an explosion of a war time bomb, discover treasure and that they are in fact part of Burgundy.  It’s a fun film and one that is worth catching if you like old movies.



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