Little cakes, little differences and a little sun

The weather this week has been a bit of everything – lovely sunshine, rain, gale force winds, and apparently hailstones in some of the suburbs today.  Well, it is spring, so the weather is changeable, never mind how unpredictable it can be here in any case.

I’ve also been reading lots of the blogs I follow, pinning recipe ideas on Pinterest, reminding myself that ‘cilantro’ is ‘coriander’ and looking at some wonderful photographs of food and places.  It is always fun to come across someone thinking about the same thing as yourself, and so I was delighted to see on Baking With Gab this recipe for mini strawberry rhubarb bundt cakes.  The other week I had seen mini bundt cake tins for sale and thought I must get one to make small cakes of some sort.  I have no idea what we call this in British English, sponge ring perhaps?  In Swedish at least this shape of cake is called sockerkaka.

Anyway, off I went on Friday to get one….and of course there were none left.  So instead I bought a cake tin like this, with fluted shaped holes.


Using the recipe above, I made some small cakes in this tin, using frozen raspberries for the fruit, dusted in flour to stop the colour running.  Just a few differences from the original recipe….

IMG_3209Little raspberry cakes from the top and bottom


Lonely little cake

Verdict?  Really lovely, light sponge bursting with raspberries.  Forget what they look like, these were excellent little cakes with after dinner coffee.

To buy? A mini bundt pan tin so I can bake them again.

NB: the measurements are NZ/Australian cups.

Thanks to Baking with Gab.


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  1. Climate change is knocking your door….ha ha. I also have to remind myself that courgette is Zucchini. Have a lovely week!

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