A (mostly) sunny week, champagne and another anniversary

My aim with this blog is to do at least one post a week, sometimes two, but of course there are many blogs out there that have daily posts.  Some of the well known ones employ teams of people of course, but I came across this interesting article about daily blogging becoming problematic. I have to say at times, I find it hard to think of something to write about here, but when your blog becomes your livelihood and your life, then the pressure to produce things every day is tough.

Whenever I am stuck on where to begin, I can always turn to the weather to get me started.  After a wild, wet and windy Monday, the rest of the week settled down to one of sun and spring warmth.  The clocks change this weekend too, another sign that spring is here.

Good morning duck!


More tulips

A couple of posts back, I wrote about it being 10 years since I left Scotland.  Our wedding took place a couple of weeks after I had moved to Copenhagen, and so this Thursday saw our 10th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated with champagne and then dinner at a local Italian place, Cosa Nostra, in Thorndon.  I had a nice risotto with salmon and Karl opted for a meaty topped pizza which got rave reviews.


We both had affogato, that perfect combination of ice-cream and espresso, for desert.  I added a frangelico as a little ‘digestif’ to mine, while Karl had a grappa.  After all that, it was a slow amble up the hill home.

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