6 Things: Food, drink and results

As I said in the last post, this is not a political blog, but since I come from Scotland and now live in New Zealand, I have to report that the result of the referendum in Scotland was ‘no’ to independence and that National and John Key got in for a third term here in New Zealand.  I confess that since it was Friday afternoon here when the results of the referendum were being announced, I listened to it live on BBC Radio 4.  Well, let’s hope that both sides now come to some quick and peaceful agreements about what is going to happen next.

It was a quiet week, but Karl came home on Friday which was lovely.  I spent yesterday at a one day work shop on writing for children which was fun, and to which I may return in a later post, and today we went for lunch to Martinborough.  Anyway, here are 6 things that we have been eating and drinking recently.

1) Happy Daze beer from Garage Project.  A good spring/summer beer, that, if you look carefully on the back, can also be bought in Sweden (there is a ‘pant’ or tax mark)!

IMG_3062 IMG_3063

2) Celery Tonic from Six Barrel Soda – very subtle flavour and nice with soda water.


3) Coffee from The Immigrant’s Son.  I like coffee, but coffee doesn’t like me, so when I do have my one cup a week (if that) I like it to be good coffee like this.


4) The first of this season’s asparagus

IMG_31085)  Zany Zeus Greek yoghurt – has to be the best yoghurt ever, creamy, full of flavour and a real delight.  I also love their halloumi and feta.


6)  Sunday lunch at The Village Cafe in Martinborough – excellent smoked salmon sandwich with nice pickles on the side, which went so well with the salmon.  (The drink is low sugar organic cola believe it or not).



  1. I would try the celery tonic. It sounds delicious and I love the smoked salmon sandwich too. It looks delicious!


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