2 elections, 1 referendum and 200 posts

This is not a political blog, but with an election that has just happened in Sweden, an election coming up here in New Zealand and of course the referendum in Scotland, my life seems to be surrounded by debates, arguments and discussions of the political kind.  I can’t vote in the election here as I am not yet resident, and can’t vote in the Scottish referendum, but I can follow what is going on.  The independence referendum is on Thursday 18th (tomorrow as I type), and all I will say is I will be spending all of Friday eagerly watching to see when the final result comes in (which will probably be when I am asleep).

Anyway, this is my 200th blog post!  Yippee!  And it is spring and we have been having some sunny days (as well as rain and wind…).  Here’s my walk to work today.


Tulips and poppies


You can just about see the moon


 Wellington houses frequently cling to hillsides




The lawns around Parliament

Finally, it was nice to see Wellington featured in Vogue here.  It may be small, it may be far away, but it has a lot to offer.

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