A little cake, a cafe and a cat ‘adventure’

One thing you can say about Wellington is that it has no shortage of cafes.  They are everywhere.  There is a real cafe culture here, with people having business meetings at all hours of the day in various places in the CBD and elsewhere.  Clark’s Cafe, situated on the mezzanine floor of the Wellington City Library in Civic Square, opened its doors for coffee and cakes twenty years ago.  It’s a great place to pop into after you have been to the library or just passing, like me, and in need of an early lunch (ie before 12 – I had been to a meeting and was on my way to an X-tend Barre class).  This is not a posh cafe (you queue up for counter food and wait for tea or coffee), but a handy, comfortable and pretty reliable central place that is always busy.  I had a great sandwich with ham, egg mayo and loads and loads of salad and then, because I was going to burn off the calories and it was going to be hours before dinner, actually had a wee cake.  A very delicious cake it was too: honey, blueberry and coconut, not too sweet and with a good coconut flavour.  I had it with some yoghurt on the side to pretend it was a bit healthy.


Meanwhile, you may remember a couple of posts back, I wrote about ‘losing’ our visiting cat.  Well, today, he decided to go and investigate the very same spot, however this time, I was watching, iPhone at the ready.



His leap up was not at all elegant, and required a little scrabbling, which resulted in his head going into the paper bag.  This didn’t seem to bother him, and he sat there for a while, head in bag, before settling down to stare at me as he likes to do.

Actually, looking at these pictures, tells me that my weekend task is to organise and tidy that room.  What a thought……




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