Sea, sun and a toasted sandwich

This past week seemed to have gone really quickly, and before we knew it, it was the weekend again.  We did, however, manage to get to this month’s Tuatara Open Late event at the City Art Gallery on Thursday.  This takes place on the first Thursday of every month with different events, music, food and so on at the gallery. We got there early for the free fizz, and had a look at the current exhibits.  If you look carefully, you can see me, sipping sparkling wine, at the bottom left hand corner of this photograph which is advertising the next event in October!  Fame!

Anyway, Sunday proved to be a lovely, sunny day, so we took ourselves off to Makara again.  Yes, not very original for us (you can find other posts about it here and here for example), but it was still good to get some fresh, sea air and a (very) short walk.

IMG_3052Looking towards Makara village

We had lunch, as usual when we go there, at the little cafe there.  It’s not a fancy place, full of things picked up on the beach, from shells to a dead bird in a glass case.  The furniture is mostly old and slightly battered, but it has a great charm to it.

IMG_3054Karl strolling towards the cafe at Makara


Inside the cafe

We both had the BLAT (ie bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) sandwich, which came on mixed grain bread and with a good amount of salad leaves and a mustard dressing.  Karl also ordered a bowl of ‘hot chips’, as the notice at the entrance advertises, and I have to say that the chips here are a) piping hot b) very fresh and c) impossible to resist when they are sitting in front of you.

IMG_3056 The BLAT and ‘hot chips’

It was lovely to sit outside for a short while on getting home – let’s hope this good weather sticks around for a few more days.

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