A birthday, a cake and a vanishing cat

This week has been lovely and sunny in Wellington, until that is today, Friday.  Still, it has been lovely to see the sun and feel the warmth for a few days.  Today is also Anton’s 18th birthday, and of course this means cake.  I was recently reminded of marble cake, and after a discussion with the birthday boy, decided this was the one to make.

I used a recipe from BBC Good Food which you can find here.  Unfortunately I had to use a round tin instead of the more traditional square tin for this type of cake.  I used to own a square tin, but it got a bit battered, and I threw it away before moving to Denmark, little knowing that it was impossible to buy square cake tins (or baking trays for things like scones for that matter) there.  Anyway, cake is cake, whether round or square at the end of the day, and I actually noticed that the picture on the BBC website is that of a round cake.

IMG_3042The candles were lit, blown out and a wish made before we had a slice as part of breakfast, along with a few defrosted frozen raspberries.  Well, it isn’t every day that we celebrate a milestone birthday!


On a very different note, our new visiting cat, Charlie, has been by quite a few times.  I’ve been at home most days this week, so have spent a bit of time with him.  He is so different from our old one.  He is silent (Misse Moj could be heard running up or down stairs and had a loud voice), loves to eat the spider plants and funniest of all, sort of ‘fights’ with the rug by the door.  He rolls about, picking at the tassels and generally rolling about with it.  The other day when he was visiting, he decided to go upstairs, and knowing I had to go out in about half an hour, I went looking for him.  I searched everywhere, even using a cat noise app on Karl’s iPad to attract his attention.  Feeling frustrated, I went into the small ‘study’/storage room for the third time, armed with the cat app, when I noticed him sitting on top of a cupboard hiding beside the Christmas tree and a bag, staring down at me in that way that cats do when they are puzzled by mad humans. 


I distinctly felt that he had been enjoying himself, watching me walk around the house calling his name and failing to find him.  Cat owners will know exactly how I felt I am sure!


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