Sun, soup and stairs

Winter seems to me to have been much longer this year, but we’ve had a couple of really nice and sunny days recently, which make me think this spell of cold weather might well be coming to an end.  The tulips are coming up, both at home and in the Botanic Gardens, the daffodils are in full bloom and there is magnolia all over the place.  I’ve noticed that one of our neighbour’s lemon trees seems to be coming on well too (must try to sneak a picture!).


The Botanic Gardens again


The magnolia at the back of the house

It is still soup weather though, and since I have been at home marking assignments, I’ve taken the opportunity to make a couple.  I made a chicken stock from the carcass from Sunday’s dinner and made some lovely chicken and vegetable soup that lasted two days.  Today, I made a cauliflower soup, sort of based on, Gary Rhodes’ “Fabulous Food” version, which is basically softening an onion (and leek if you have one to hand), adding cauliflower and stock, cooking until the cauliflower is cooked, add some milk or cream and blend.  Where he wins with his recipe though is what he puts with it, namely “Harry’s Bar Toasties”, basically a fancy cheese and ham toasted sandwich. I however went for a salad instead, made from silver beet, pine nuts, blue cheese, sun dried tomato and a balsamic vinegar based dressing.  Both were really good and made me feel virtuous and healthy as a bonus.


Lunch in front of day time TV – shocking!

Finally, as fellow blogger Tripping the Light Fantastic pointed out on their visit to Wellington, there are a lot of stairs (and hills) in this city.  So to start off a new occasional series of ‘stairs of Wellington’, here are two to start with.

IMG_2935The first set of stairs up to our house


A set of stairs that go nowhere into the bush at the back of the house


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