6 things: felt, food and a friendly city

Despite the Botanic Gardens being full of daffodils, and the magnolias blooming everywhere, it still feels like winter, albeit the end of the season.  Here are 6 recent things I’ve spotted or done as spring approaches.

1)  Auckland named as the world’s friendliest city!  Well, first place with Melbourne, but great to see southern hemisphere cities at the top.

IMG_2897Not very good picture of Auckland by night

2) Healthy winter salads – this is finely shredded silver beet, sun dried tomato, tamari roasted sunflower seeds, feta cheese and a dressing of balsamic vinegar and pomegranate molasses.


Winter salad

3) Sipping a hot blackcurrant drink in a favourite cafe – just the thing on a winter day.

IMG_2879 IMG_2881

Poquito on Tory Street, Wellington

4)  Spotted in Frankie magazine, an amazing felt shop.


Felt ice lollies by Lucy Sparrow, photo courtesy of Frankie magazine

5) The Edinburgh Festival is on right now in my home town, and this year there are lots of Kiwi artists performing there.  It is not too late to catch some of them out if you are in Edinburgh!  Check NZ at Edinburgh.

6) Finally, The Worst Things To Do When Dining Out.


Taking pictures of food being served up maybe as well?

(Picture I took in Glasgow of one friend serving another)



  1. The felt shop is amazing!

    I had my crafty cousin make me a cushion shaped like a Christmas ham (I love ham) and she threw in a couple of tiny felt ones for fun. One on a magnet and the other a brooch!

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