A view, cabbage and that cat again

My current job allows me to have quite a bit of time at home on week days.  This is of course nice, but it does sometimes have the effect of making me enjoy pottering about just too much.  Does that really matter?  I don’t think so as a lot of productive and interesting things can come about through idle, yet focused, activity.  For example, I listened to this really interesting programme on BBC Radio 4 about on-line identity (something bloggers are very well aware of) this morning, cleaned the freezer out and decided to try roast cabbage.

From where I sit I get a great view of the trees outside and often see tuis, silver eyes and the occasional fan tail, as well as countless blackbirds outside the window. It is a lovely, constant distraction.  I’m always keeping an eye open for any visiting cats as well of course.


For lunch, I needed to use up some veges in the fridge, including some cabbage.  Honestly, roasting it must be one of the top ways to cook it.  It was so full of flavour, crisp yet perfectly cooked, and I’m sure even the cabbage hating menfolk of the house would eat it.  I just quartered the cabbage I had left, sprinkled it with olive oil and seasoning (smoked garlic salt) and baked in a preheated oven (210C) for about 25-30 minutes or so.  As usual, I forgot to take a picture, but honestly, you would need to be a proper food photographer to take a good shot of it, as it is one of those things that tastes way better than it looks.

Charlie has been round again and seems to love not only hiding in bags, but under rugs and throws.  Here is how he has his evening nap yesterday.








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