Browsing, time wasting and a wintery week

It’s been really cold the past couple of days, and very much the weather for curling up on the sofa with the TV, a magazine and tea.  It also means that I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest and randomly surfing the internet.  So…here are 6 things I’ve looked at or done on line, randomly, this week.

1) Read about ten reasons you should blog

2) Found an idea for what to do with a bag of baby kale

3) Signed up for the Kitchn Cure.  Let’s see how much I do and use!

4) Watched a wonderful documentary about a part of Edinburgh where my family used to live from the BBC in their ‘The Secret History of Our Streets’ series.  If you are not in the UK, you will need to hook up to a VPN to watch it.   The Secret History of Our Streets – Series 2: 1. The Moray Estate, Edinburgh


Moray Place, Edinburgh

Picture source:

5) Contemplated good ways to store herbs and spices in our rental kitchen, and decided that all those storage shelves/drawers on Pinterest were just not practical, never mind probably expensive, and have decided to buy a big, plastic storage box instead.

6) Finally, anyone who is or ever has been a teacher must have experienced this at some time


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