Beer, chocolate and soda gifts

Wellington is full of small, artisan food and drink concerns, making all sorts of things from peanut butter (Fix and Fogg) to special coffee roasts (Caffe L’Affare).  This weekend I went up to Auckland to see friends and go to the ballet, so when I was thinking about what to take as gifts, I decided to get some local products.  The friend I am visiting is pregnant, and had been complaining about finding nice things to drink instead of water, so I got her a bottle of Six Barrel Soda in raspberry and lemon.  They make small batches of soda syrups from natural ingredients which are supposed to be excellent, though I haven’t tried one myself.


A bottle of soda syrup with a picture painted by my Mum in the background

I’m also taking a bottle of beer from Garage Project, mainly, I have to admit, chosen for its label.


Pils ‘n’ Thrills

My third gift is two bars from the Wellington Chocolate Factory who make organic, ethically sourced chocolate bars.  The two I chose were coconut milk chocolate and something that sounds intriguing, craft beer bar, a 70% cacao blended with Nelson Sauvin flowers (type of hop) and Gladfield toffee malt.


Footnote: The coconut milk chocolate got rave reviews.  The craft beer bar looked like this on opening.  Review forthcoming!



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