Soup, surprise flowers and that sleepy cat again

While there has been snow on the hills, Wellington has escaped it thank goodness.  I’m not a winter sports person, and so snow to me means delays, slippy pavements and piles of grey slush in the gutters. However, there are flowers about all over the place, including some indoors.  I suddenly realised with horror this morning that I had not watered the upstairs plants for over a week, so imagine my surprise to see the ‘what I thought was dying’  kalanchoe  in bloom.  It obviously thrives on neglect.


Anyway, it is still cold, and so time for soup.  Today I made for lunch a carrot and kumara (or sweet potato) soup.  I just made enough for 2 bowls, so you’ll need to increase the quantities accordingly.

What I did: Heated a little oil, added half an onion and a few cumin seeds and cooked until the onion softened, then added 2 carrots, 1 medium kumara and a good pinch of ginger (I didn’t have any fresh ginger so used some powder).  To this I then added 500ml of low salt vegetable stock from a cube, brought to the boil and then simmered until the veges were soft.  After cooling during a frustrating time of trying to do a job application, I then blended it with a stick blender, before reheating to eat.


The result was a lovely sweet and fragrant soup – real comfort food and lovely with a piece of toast and cheese.

Finally, for anyone interested in how our relationship with Charlie is progressing, we seem to be adjusting to each other quite well.  He is so different to Misse Moj though – very quiet and not so cheeky, though I expect he will become so given time.  Today he was here, then had a sleep, went out, and has just come back in, after eating one of the plants out on the decking.











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