Soup, sun and a sleeping feline

It’s winter in the southern hemisphere, and the time for stews, soups and keeping cosy. We have indeed we have had some really cold days and nights, however, June was the warmest June on record here in Wellington, and so far we have had quite decent weather in July.  Today (Thursday) is a lovely day, with temperatures up to 16C at midday, and the visiting cat and I are sitting on the bed enjoying the sun streaming through the window.

Having been away, it seems like ages since I got to potter in the kitchen.  I did do a roast chicken and apple crumble for Sunday dinner, and actually got around to making some stock from the carcass of the chicken.  Yesterday I set out to make carrot and lentil soup…but found there were no lentils in the cupboard.  So instead I made a simple carrot soup, frying a couple of shallots (to use them up, though of course you could use onion), added three large carrots, about a litre of my homemade stock and a good pinch of ginger.  I also added in a few NZ yams (those little red, knobbly things) for added sweetness (and to use a few up).


I simmered the soup for around 30 minutes, and then blended it with a stick blender, ending up with a dollop on my jumper and a splash on my chin for good measure.  Anyway, the final product was really good and fresh tasting.

IMG_2715Carrot soup

Meanwhile, Charlie is now spread out on the bed, snoring away.  He seems to be quite at home already.

IMG_2730 IMG_2725


  1. Roast chicken and apple crumble was my typical Saturday or Sunday night dinner during winter when I lived in NZ – you just can’t go wrong with those classics can you! Your cat is beautiful 🙂

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