A cat, a plant and a bag

Our neighbourhood cats clearly have a news network.  The news of the disappearance of Misse Moj has obviously spread, and new territories are being defined.  One result of all this has been we seem to have acquired a new visiting cat.  Actually, Charlie (his real name) has been trying to make friends with us for ages, but was kept away by Misse Moj who defended his space here rather noisily on occasion.

Charlie is quite different in character.  For a start, he loves eating spider plants.


Charlie is much slower and less vocal.  He is not nearly as cuddly, though having said that, he is much more cat like in that respect than Misse Moj.  However, he does loves having his chin tickled.




He also likes bags, crawling into them to explore and take a nap.  It is quite interesting to see how he seems to know already where the kitchen is, and that when I go in that direction, something interesting might be going on.

IMG_2716Charlie the bag cat


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