Edinburgh: wining, dining and all that

I’m sitting in my friends’ flat in Glasgow, counting the minutes until I head back to New Zealand.  The first part of the journey is to Heathrow, and from there to Singapore, then Auckland finally Wellington.  Yes, it is a long way and a long journey.

But back to my trip…and my few days in Edinburgh, which started with an excellent lunch at the gastro pub, The Scran and Scallie, with an old friend from Edinburgh University days. I opted for the fish pie with peas and lettuce on the side, washed down with a nice glass of sauvignon blanc from Marlborough (of course!).  It was a really excellent combination of different fish topped with a creamy mash.


Scran and Scallie fish pie

My friend Jo opted for the steak pie, which looked (and apparently tasted) amazing as you can see below.


…and the steak pie

I managed to keep one evening free to myself, for an early night and some trash television in the hotel.  For dinner, I went to Cafe St Honore, which you can find tucked away on North West Thistle Street Lane.


I had a lovely piece of Loch Duart salmon, served with new potatoes from Shetland and a fresh salad with a perfect lemony dressing.  I also treated myself to the cheese, which came beautifully served with a raisin chutney.


Not a very good picture of some lovely cheeses

On my final evening in Edinburgh, I met some old school friends at Blonde on St Leonard’s Street.  To start with, I had mini fish cakes, following that with grilled sea-bass fillet served with chorizo, tomato and crab macaroni.  This dish was a lovely combination of flavours, with the chorizo bringing out the flavour of the fish.

I can highly recommend all three places should you be in Edinburgh.  In the next post, I’ll try and cover some key things to see.


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