Glasgow: food, drink and merriment part 1

This hectic and just a bit tiring trip is now coming to an end, and I am way behind on my blog posts.  So…cast your mind back to the weekend of 20th – 22nd June…

After one night in Edinburgh, having dinner with one of my oldest friends, her mother and daughter, and lunch the next day with a friend from Wellington who happened to be in Edinburgh (chances, eh?) I headed west to Glasgow.  On Friday night, some friends and I had dinner at the Singl-End restaurant.  We chose the 5 course tasting menu, which was full of all sorts of delicious things.


Fish course, including a lovely stuffed squid


More food


Finished desert on a wee plate

I highly recommend this place should you happen to be in Glasgow.  Lovely food, good choices of wine, and interesting tastes.

We walked back past the Art School, recently partly destroyed by fire.  So sad to see, but so good to hear it is going to be restored and rescued.


And finally…in case you don’t know, the Commonwealth Games are being held in Glasgow this year.  Here we are in George Square looking as if we might participate.

10492415_10152593911499673_363895554306926432_nGlasgow 2014 – fun and games!




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