Aberdeen, sunshine and a bacon roll

I’m sitting writing this post in Edinburgh, a week after being in Aberdeen.  This trip has been so hectic, that it has been hard to find a moment to sit down and blog.  Not only that, I am having to make use of a certain large coffee chain’s wifi since I can’t access the hotel’s one through my computer for some reason.  Anyway, Aberdeen was lovely – not only because I got to catch up with family, but also because the sun shone and I was able to be a proper tourist for a day, wandering about and enjoying the good weather.

I hadn’t been to the Granite City for many years, so it was great to have the chance to see it and explore a little.  The jet lag was still hitting me in the afternoon, but there is always a cafe with comfy seats to sit in when it strikes.

IMG_2503A large crow – it is there if you look!


Marischal Square


Robert the Bruce


St Machar’s Cathedral


Aberdeen in the sunshine

I was also able to enjoy two cats.  Since Misse Moj has gone missing, I have to say I miss feline company, so it was nice to meet these two again.



The next leg of my trip was a train journey to Edinburgh.  I booked a first class ticket – not a lot more in cost and well worth it, if only for the bacon roll and as much tea as I could drink.


It has taken a few days to get this post finished, due to the internet issue I mentioned earlier, and I am now into my last two days here in Scotland.  The next post will be about Glasgow.

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