Copenhagen, buses and a final sausage

My last full day in Copenhagen was spent visiting my old place of work, and also a reminder why I didn’t like living in that city.  It sometimes amazes me when it ranks highly on liveable city indexes as clearly the people write these things have not experienced Netto supermarket or the plumbing in normal flats, but it is a nice place to visit for a weekend city break with quite a bit to see and do.  The journey to Copenhagen School of Design and Technology at Lygten 16 took me through Norreport, which has been a building site since before we left.


I also had to take the dreaded 6A bus, which along with the 5A are the two worst buses in the city.  Anyway, it was quite fun to go back to see my old place of work and meet up with some old colleagues.


 Me at Lygten 16

Finally, I did get my sausage or rather ‘Fransk Hotdog’ at the airport!  It just wouldn’t be a trip to Denmark without.




I flew from there to Aberdeen where I stayed a couple of nights before heading to my home town of Edinburgh where I am writing this.  Next episode: Aberdeen.

Note:  It has been lovely and sunny since I got to Europe.  I walked about Aberdeen in a T-shirt and sunglasses.  Never thought I would type that….





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