Dinners, brunch and jet lag: Copenhagen Part 1

When you travel half way round the world, there is no escape from jet lag.  You are awake and asleep at the wrong times and suddenly have to go to sleep.  However, when you have just a short time in a place and want to see people, you somehow find the adrenaline and will to keep on going.

So on Friday evening, I had dinner at a friend’s, and managed to stay awake longer than I anticipated, the conversation and chat keeping me awake.  Similarly I found some energy yesterday when I met some of my former colleagues for an excellent evening with drinks and dinner (although I felt suddenly exhausted in the afternoon).

I have been mostly taking pictures of friends, seeing people being the main purpose of my trip, but here are a couple of pictures of the city.  The weather today (Sunday) and yesterday has been lovely, sunny and summery.


Saturday morning







Back at home, it seems that Misse Moj has not been seen either at our home or at his real owner’s house for 4 days.  This does not bode well.  I just hope he has just gone for a ‘cat wander’ and returns.  One of my friends here made me this beautiful cushion, so whatever happens, we will always have a little black cat to hug.


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  1. I remember how beautiful and colourful the harbour area is from my visit – can hardly believe it’s nearly 10 years ago!

    I love your cat cushion. What a talented friend!

    A x

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