New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark

Well, I am typing this blog from a friend’s flat in Copenhagen, where I am recovering with a shower and tea from my journey from Wellington.  It was a smooth and uneventful trip, but so long!  First the flight to Auckland, and a very short stop there before a 10 hour 50 minute flight to Singapore (though we landed early) and then a 12 hour 35 minute (flight to Copenhagen (and again we landed early). Luckily there was a decent break in Singapore which gave me time to take a shower and grab a bite to eat: chicken, noodles, soup with a lettuce garnish served in a cardboard bowl with plastic spoon and chopsticks.


Meanwhile, back in Wellington, we are a bit concerned about Misse Moj, who has not been seen for several days.  A black cat was knocked down the other morning, but it proved not to be him.  I hope he comes back and visits soon as he has become so much part of the family.

There are a lot of social engagements and things going on during my short trip to Europe I’ll probably need another holiday afterwards!  First up is a dinner tonight with some friends.  Just hope I can get over the jet lag quickly this time…

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