Packing, Sunday pizza and a sleepy cat

This is probably going to be my last blog post before I head off on my trip to Copenhagen, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.  I’m going to spend a few days in each place, seeing friends and family.  It will be my first trip back to Europe, and the first time I have left New Zealand in the eighteen months we have been here.  I was going to write that I am, of course, looking forward to leaving winter and heading north to summer, but it was 15C here today and I can see that the temperature in Aberdeen is going to be 16C on Sunday, so not really that much of a difference!

I have made a huge pile of clothes to take which I will edited down.  I can already see two things I’m not going to take as they crush really easily, and I know there will be some other editing to take place.  It is always so easy to pack too much and if it is colder or warmer than expected, then I have an excuse to go shopping.  Meanwhile, the cat just sleeps.



We have had a lazy weekend, with Karl recovering from jet lag and me wanting to have a quiet time before my trip.  We went out for lunch today to Heaven Pizza on Cuba Street.  They make really good, crispy based pizza, with some great toppings  My favourite is aubergine with sun dried tomato, olives, fresh basil and of course mozzarella.


Halfway through my pizza

So, the next blog post will come to you from Copenhagen.  It is going to be both strange and nice I guess to go back there.  I haven’t been to Aberdeen in many a year, haven’t lived in Glasgow for almost 10 years or Edinburgh for 16 years, though of course I have visited both these places often since leaving Scotland.  Anyway, it is going to be a busy trip with I am sure lots of stories.



  1. I can confirm that Heaven Pizza in Cuba St is simply devine – my wife and I were there last August 16 (day of the 2nd ‘quake). I’m glad you have a cat like ours, too. I’ll post a photo shortly, and link to this post. :-). Safe journeys.


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