Blue potatoes, sushi and winter sunshine

After the windy weather of the past week, the weather has changed today, Saturday, and we had a gloriously sunny day. Chilly, unless you were in the sun, but a really beautiful day as you can see below from pictures taken in town.


I spent most of yesterday marking assignments, so decided I needed something nice for dinner.  After my exercise classes (X-tend Barre and Melt – for another post), I popped into Moore Wilson again as it is just next door, and picked up something I have been meaning to try for ages, namely Maori potatoes.  These are small, gnarled, purple potatoes that have not been commercially cultivated. The ones I bought were urenika.  I didn’t do anything fancy with them, just steamed them, and gosh were they good!  Really full of proper potato flavour, rich and earthy, like ones just dug from the ground.

IMG_2324Blue potatoes outside

IMG_2332Blue potatoes inside

I had salmon and peas with them yesterday, and fried up the rest today with some excellent lamb and a glass of pinot gris. Perfection!

With Karl away, Anton and I got to have sushi at home.  We like it, he doesn’t, so a lunch time treat today was this, which helped me with my afternoon of marking:


Saturday lunch with Anton

It looks like tomorrow may be nice too, weather wise, so hope to get to the veggie market early and also do some baking.  After all, it will be Sunday!






  1. Your lunch of saturday was very delicious. I don’t know how to make sushi but I eat it when I go out! enjoy your holiday!

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