Autumn, winter and spring

Winter seems to be here, starting with a vengeance on Sunday with gale force winds that nearly blew me away when we went to Te Papa museum to see two exhibitions.  However, there are signs of spring as we enter winter!  I remember seeing this clump of daffodils in the Botanic Gardens last year as well.

IMG_2313Late autumn daffodils

Back to Sunday, and the two exhibitions we saw were ‘China Throne of Emperors’ and ‘Shi Lu: A revolution in paint’.  The first of these was about seven Chinese emperors and the mark they left on China and the rest of the world.  Amongst the many exhibits, were two beautifully embroidered robes, with dragons and other symbols in vibrant colours – quite stunning.  The second exhibition was of works by Shi Lu (1919–82), described as “a modern master of Chinese painting and calligraphy”.  The exhibition presented an overview of his art and life during 20th century China, and it was fascinating to see the history interwoven with his life.  It was a big exhibition, with many different kinds of work from his prolific life.  You can see some of the works here.

Karl left for Sweden yesterday for his father’s funeral.  The house seems very empty without him.  As Anton was working last night, and I had been to my exercise class, I picked up some bits and pieces for dinner – some salami, a really good Brie from Whitestone, olives and some sunflower seed sour dough bread from Arobake. These things along with some salad and a good glass of wine, made for a quick but perfect dinner for one.


Dinner for one

Finally, a question for my fellow bloggers – any ideas on a good way to bookmark recipes from blogs?  My collection is getting out of hand.



  1. Hello! I found your blog while researching for my move to Wellington from UK later this year. Thanks for sharing your experiences; it’s been great to get an idea of what to expect.

    As for recipes (and I’m almost sorry for suggesting this as it is quite addictive), have you tried pinterest. I keep a stash of recipes on one board that I can then revisit when needed.

    Nic x

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