The Food Show, comedy and Eurovision madness

There always seems to be something on here to go to or see.  The NZ Comedy Festival has been on and coming up is the Film Festival.  On Friday, I went to The Food Show, a great chance to taste new food and drink and purchase all sorts of things to enjoy later.  Amongst the things I bought were a bottle of FAQ lemon liquor which has a really nice fresh tang to it, some lime and passionfruit curd (must make scones!) and some really delicious fig, cardamon and port paste to have with cheese. I also finally got to have my first white bait fritter – see below very bad photo taken one handed with fritter in one hand.

IMG_2249Tasty things

IMG_2239Whitebait fritter

We managed to get to see Stephen K Amos and Reginald D Hunter on the comedy festival this year.  I was disappointed with the first and really enjoyed the second.

Finally…this morning we got up at 7am to watch the Eurovision Song Contest.  Same as usual, with the fun of predicting which country will give which country ’12 points’.  Austria won with a pretty poor song, but clearly won due to the artist himself.  My favourite was Sweden, and as predicted, The Netherlands proved to be a dark horse.  Oh well, Vienna it is next year!

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