A small challenge, the cat and autumn skies

Yesterday I was challenged on Facebook to post for 5 days a photograph of everyday things involving me in some shape or form.  It is almost like a mini blog post I guess in some ways.  Today I posted this picture as a regular part of our daily lives is Misse Moj coming for breakfast, then staying until lunch time if I am at home, going out to play for a while before often returning for afternoon tea.

IMG_2169Breakfast with Misse Moj


Morning conference with Misse Moj

On quite a different note, there have been some amazing cloud formations here in the past few days. The first one below looks like a roll of cotton wool.


Autumn skies

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the day thinking of other things to post on Facebook over the next few days and collecting a few ideas.  I am sure at some point tea will get a look in, since it is well known I enjoy a cuppa.  Today I tried a new tea from T leaf T “iron goddess of mercy”, a China oolong. It is a lovely golden tea, with a distinctive flavour, and quite refreshing.


Iron goddess of mercy oolong tea

Hopefully, the weather will stay reasonably good for the weekend.  The forecasts are not always to be relied upon, so let us see what happens.  In the meantime, I am stuck with the cat on my knee and really need to get up and do things – such is life with a feline visitor.



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