Sun, wind and two new cats

I’ve only been living in the southern hemisphere for just over a year, so I still have to do a little mental readjusting when it comes to the festivals and holidays that mark the year.  Easter is so much associated with spring and re-birth, that it is quite odd to celebrate it in autumn during harvests and storing up things for winter.  I know in time I will get used to it though it was still odd to be planting tulips today, Good Friday, instead of having them in vases to celebrate the spring.

Still, we have had lovely sunny weather today after two weeks of almost non-stop rain.  We actually got a chance to sweep up the yard and tidy up some of the weeds.

IMG_2096Easter skies

We took a drive out to West Wind Recreation Centre near Makara for a little walk around and to get out of the city for a short while.  In a previous post, I wrote about the old radio receiving station, however the 62 turbine wind farm which is also there is kind of hard to miss as you can imagine.  It may come as no surprise to those of us who live here, but New Zealand apparently has consistently strong wind conditions when you compare it to most other countries.  As a result, the average power output of wind farms here is more than double the international average.

IMG_2098The wind farm


I always think wind turbines look like something out of Telly Tubbies.  If you don’t remember, go onto You Tube and you’ll see what I mean.

Finally, we have two new feline visitors.  One is a giant black fluffy thing with a huge tail and very low meow/growl and the other is a huge ginger cat who has just moved in next door.  I can see lots of fun and games over territorial disputes in the weeks to come.


New visitor No 1


New visitor No 2 (who I think is called Bodie)



  1. What a great way to harness power and i love your new guests! Cats are always such a pleasure!

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