Eggs, bacon and lashings of tea

One of the nice things about weekends is having a bit more time to cook.  This Saturday for example I did a roast chicken with some parsnips tucked in beside it, a lemon inside and some fresh thyme pushed in between the skin and the breast.  Not only did we all enjoy it, but Misse Moj made a special point of coming back in just at the point I started to carve, to make sure he got his fair share.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a great chocolate lover. I was even like that as a child, not even noticing when my mum would sneak into my room and steal bits of Easter eggs.  However, every now and again I like a small amount of dark chocolate, and that was just how I felt after the chicken.  I could not resist this Marou Vietnamese chocolate, mostly because of the packaging.


70% dark chocolate

Yes it was good and yes I still have the rest of the bar minus 2 small bits (one for me and one for Karl).

Sunday breakfast is something to savour and enjoy.  We usually get some nice bread or croissants, but every now and again we pig out on a full cooked breakfast as we did this week – black pudding, sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, toast and tomatoes to add a dash of something healthy.  As usual, I forgot to take pictures, but you can see some dirty dishes post eating here instead.


A favourite old saucepan for scrambled eggs

After all that, it was just as well I planned on another Xtend Barre session at lunch time today.  My legs are still recovering as I type this….anyway, I was working at home again today so this meant tea on the go the whole day including a pot of the extra special Tokyo Lime green tea from T-leaf.  Quite delicious and a good way to start a short working week.



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