Flowers, ducks and some sunny days

I’m actually writing this to distract myself from a forthcoming dental implant procedure this afternoon.  It is not something I am looking forward to as you can well imagine, but it needs to be done.

It is just as well then that we have been having some lovely, sunny autumn days to lift the spirits.   The mornings are a bit cool, but the afternoons are warm and lovely.  I worked at home yesterday morning and then walked to work after lunch through the Botanic Gardens as usual, but taking the uphill Norwood Path to the herb garden and down again instead of my usual route ‘on the flat’.  I actually took some time to look at the herb garden too, which I hadn’t done before, shame on me.

IMG_2023Fountain in the herb garden


View over Anderson Park to the city

It is nice to see so many roses still in bloom in the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, which is one the places that distract me on the way to work.

IMG_2032A rose by any other name would smell as sweet


The fountain and duck pond


And sleeping ducks

I will no doubt be feeling like the ducks above and Misse Moj later today, but in the meantime, off to enjoy a little sunshine.




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