Lunch, a walk and a weekend

At last I had a weekend at home, and also a chance to invite some people around we had been meaning to ask for ages, but what with one thing and another, had never managed to do.  Now and again it is nice to have a long, leisurely weekend lunch, sitting around the table, enjoying food and conversation.

To keep things easy, I did my usual of dips, veges and crisps to start with, which we were able to serve out on the deck as it was a lovely sunny day. For the main course I did the chicken and lime dish I mentioned a few posts back from Laura Vincent.  I omitted the olives as I figured the children wouldn’t like them and substituted red onion for the shallots since that was what I had.  With it I served new potatoes, garlic bread, a green salad and a two bean, tomato and feta salad, which was the only dish I managed to get in a picture – and not a particularly good one at that, but our first guest was arriving.


Our guests brought some lovely flowers and champagne (need something to celebrate with that), and Misse Moj joined in the party too.  I was quite amazed to watch him be stroked by the children and make friends with the adults by sitting on their knees.  He seemed quite unfazed by all the people, though I guess it was something to do with the fact that there were some left over bits of chicken on the go.


On Sunday, to recover from this, we took a walk through the Botanic Gardens, taking different paths to our usual route, which is always a good idea as you always see.


A German gun captured in the First World War

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   The Dominion Observatory from 1907 built to track New Zealand standard time,


One of the blogs I follow, Loving Food, Fashion & Life, always ends with the tagline “so if you have nothing else to do today”.  And so, I say, if you have nothing else to do today, plan a long, weekend lunch and follow it with a walk in your usual park along a different route.  It makes for a good weekend.

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