Here, there and everywhere

Life continues to be busy, with all sorts of different things going on, some nicer than others I may say!  The weather has turned autumnal with a vengeance.  There was a big storm causing flooding in Christchurch and surrounding areas which moved north, hitting Wellington.  We had lots of rain and strong winds, but it had all blown over by yesterday evening.

IMG_1897Calm after the storm

Our friend Morten was here visiting for two days, arriving in a chilly and windy Wellington from a hot and sunny Brisbane.  We had dinner one night at Monsoon Poon again, which turned out to be the first restaurant Morten went to on his first trip to Wellington a few years ago.

Our guest braved the wet and windy Wellington weather to have lunch with me at Scopa on Cuba Street.  We both had the ‘pasta of the week’ which was spaghetti BLT.  This consisted of bacon lardons, vine tomatoes, grilled baby cos and monte vecchio cheese with loads of garlic.  It was so good, and the sort of thing that you might try at home and end up with soggy lettuce and messy cheese.

And still on food, inspired by some lovely Italian spiced sausages from Cameron Harrison in Kelburn and this blog, Baker at Heart. I made a sauce for fresh spaghetti with the sausages, onion, garlic, some peppers (capsicum), a tin of tomatoes and some fresh basil.  There was silence as it was gobbled up.  I think the quality of the sausages went a long way to contribute to the dish, but still, it was good, comfort food.  The picture I took do not do the taste justice, so instead I will end with a piece of advice for those living in Wellington.



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