Cicadas, cat and cheese

Those of you who live in parts of the world where summers are dominated by the sound of cicadas will know just how loud they can get.  The other day walking through the Botanic Gardens I was almost deafened by the sound.  It is nice because it means summer, but it does go on and on…


Misse Moj examines a cicada

I’ve also been to some more Festival things – reviews to follow in future posts.  I enjoyed the discussion with Ohad Naharin on Monday lunch time, where he talked about his ‘gaga’ movement language and other things.  It is always good to hear the voice behind the choreography.

The biggest disappointment of this week has been that the cheese making course I signed up for has been cancelled.  Oh well…means I don’t have to get up early on Saturday morning!  I did however have a cheese indulgence last night when we went out for dinner to The General Practitioner by opting for the macaroni cheese, which was no ordinary mac ‘n’ cheese, coming with sun dried tomatoes, caramalised onions and a crumb topping.  It was just the thing I was needing.

IMG_1859Special mac and cheese

Back to the cat, who has several favourite sleeping places, from a nest made of plastic carrier bags to burrowing under one of the duvets, where it is right now.  I can hear it gently snoring….

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