Apricots, tea and a lazy weekend

There are times when life just trundles along without any great events, and the past few days have been like that.  I’m back at work, which means having a lunch hour where it is possible to do something, which I tend not to do at home.  Luckily working in town I have the joy of being able to walk along the waterfront which is always a good way to blow away the cobwebs.


Wellington on a good day

The weather this weekend was nothing like the picture above, and we ended up spending a lot of time reading, watching TV and generally relaxing, and, of course, drinking tea.  This one below is the one that came with the prize draw basket from T leaf T, and is really excellent, sort of fragrant and tangy at the same time if that is possible!


Tokyo lime flavored green tea

In terms of reading, with Writers Week coming up on the New Zealand Festival, I thought I should read a few Kiwi authors apart from Ngaio Marsh, Katherine Mansfield and Eleanor Catton.


More books – I need another holiday

I’m really enjoying the book at the bottom of the pile – The Last Days of National Costume by Anne Kennedy – and highly recommend it if you can get hold of it.

Finally, Sunday is desert day, and this week, since I had bought a big bag of apricots, I made a really good crumble with half of them, mixing in a few chopped up hazelnuts and making the topic a mix of wholemeal and white flour.



Finally, I’m going to be making some changes to the blog in the next month or so.  I started it as a means of keeping note of our first year in New Zealand, and now we have been here a year, I want to start adding in some other things, such as proper reviews.  Anyway, we’ll see how it all works out!

You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin (I think!)



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