Waitangi Day, Rugby Sevens and a sleepy cat

Thursday, as I mentioned in my last post, was Waitangi Day.  This is the day that marks the historic signing of the Waitangi Treaty in 1840 by the Maori chiefs and the British Crown, and is the founding document of New Zealand.  The day has been a public holiday since the 1970s.  We spent the day doing very little, but enjoying the sun, reading, relaxing and I, at least, went to Pilates.


The flag pole at Waitangi which we visited last month

An annual event that takes over Wellington at this time of year is the Rugby Sevens.  I wrote about this last year.  This time around, I was at work, but popped out to see the opening parade of the teams.

IMG_1759The Scottish team, led by pipes and a big flag


A Fijian warrior and someone’s elbow


The Samoan team

The weather is a bit wet this weekend, so I didn’t get any pictures of many of the costumes this year.  There seem to be a lot of people dressed up as doctors for some reason, as well as the usual superheroes, though I think the dozen people dressed up as penguins were probably the best I saw on Saturday.

Finally, Misse Moj has been escaping from either the heat (which it doesn’t like) or the rain (which it doesn’t like) and sleeping a lot.  It particularly likes crawling in under the duvet.


Misse Moj asleep again

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