Sand, sea and a bit of luck

Of course, because I have gone back to work, the weather has been lovely the past few days.  Still, on Sunday we were able to enjoy the sunshine and take a short trip out along the coast through Sunshine Bay, Island Bay and Eastbourne, to where the road stops at the start of the East Harbour National Park.  There are lots of different walks that can be done around the area, but as we hadn’t brought our walking shoes or enough water for more than a casual stroll, we just took a short walk along the beach.


The view

IMG_1713Pebbles on the beach


Giant shell found on the beach – compare it to my foot!


The beach

As I have said before, it is not hard to find lovely, unspoilt places to just walk and relax and take in what you see before you.

The New Zealand Festival and Fringe Festival are starting soon, and as part of that there is a Writers Week.  I went along to a talk about this on Friday, and entered a prize draw and…won!  This is twice now in just a few months.

IMG_1737Getting embarrassing

Pity I don’t like beetroot, as the beetroot relish included is probably good.  I’ll just stick to the crackers, tea and books and pass the chocolate and biscotti on to the boys.

Tomorrow (Thursday 6th) is Waitangi Day and so a holiday. Nice to be back at work for three days and get a day off.

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