Friday, flowers and flying time

I honestly have no idea where this week has gone.  In terms of what I have achieved and done I can think of very little…though maybe more than I think.  I did go to Pilates, submit another assignment, make a lasagne and some nice baked lemon fish.  Most importantly, took two water colours – one by my Mum and one by Cousin Joan – to the framers in Thorndon at long last.  Both have been sitting for ages, waiting to be framed, so it was good to get it organised.  Come to think of it, I also went to the cinema (Lighthouse to see ‘Enough Said’, a so-so rom com starring James Gandolfini and Julia Louis Dreyfus) and the City Art Gallery.  At the gallery, I really enjoyed the works by Huhana Smith, in an exhibition entitled Rae ki te Rae (Face to Face).  The works seem to pull you in and make you feel part of the landscape.

Summer struggles to be sunny, but we have had some really lovely days.  Flowers are everywhere – some better than others.


Waiting for the bus


A lonely little nasturtium


And sunflowers to brighten up the house

So here we are at the weekend again.  Next week we are off on our road trip to Northland and Bay of Islands.  In the meantime, off to enjoy a glass of merlot from Hawkes Bay.


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