Summer, smells and tastes

Weather permitting (ie no gale force winds or heavy rain), I like to poke my nose outside with my morning cup of tea to test the weather and see what is going on outside.  Today, after rain overnight, and a warmth in the air, there was that lovely smell of warm, damp earth, a bit like in a greenhouse.  The plants in our terrace/garden are either going wild or not growing at all – there are no half measures.


Path up to the top terrace now covered in greenery!

Browsing through some blogs this morning, I came across an old post on A Cup Of Jo about foods people don’t like.  After figuring out that cilantro is coriander, and wondering how anyone could dislike that gorgeous smell and taste (the blog author doesn’t), I got to thinking of things I like and dislike. Another herb I love is dill, especially when it hits hot potatoes and gives off its special aroma.  Basil is another favourite.  I even plucked a basil leaf from my not very big basil plant to top my bread and cream cheese this morning.  The smell of any baking with cinnamon makes me think of Sweden, fish with garlic of hot, sunny climates, and beans on toast of pure comfort eating.  Obviously, I am happy to eat any of these things!


Basil – could be doing better!

Of course, since arriving in New Zealand, I’ve added new favourites – yams roasted in the oven and kumaras – and tried things I am not sure about, in particular, feijoas (nice in ice-cream, great in chutney, not so sure raw).

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate beetroot with a vengeance.  I can’t even have it on a plate when I am eating anything else, and watch that purple juice cover everything in its path.  I also dislike salt and vinegar crisps, which for some reason people assume I like because I come from the UK.  I hate pickled onions, vinegar on chips, and am not that keen on rocket (also known as arugula or rucola), unless it is with a good balsamic dressing and parmesan cheese to mask the taste.  I can’t imagine why, but I no longer like bananas – there is something about their texture and smell that I find off putting.

It has been a miserable, wet summer Sunday here, and the weather doesn’t look that good in days to come either.  Fingers crossed that the forecasts are wrong – they usually are.

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