Julafton, Christmas Day and a BBQ part 2

Christmas Day began here, as tradition dictates, with stockings.  Ours were overflowing this year, with plastic bags being used as supplements to the proper thing.  Santa certainly did us all proud this year, with all sorts of things popping out.  In our family, stockings are for the non serious items, and contain anything from pens and pencils to a book of Mr Bean jokes and stoppers to keep the fizz in soft drinks.  The cat got something too – two catnip mice, in which he has of course, shown little interest.


Misse Moj lying  beside my stocking

Our little tree has proved to be just right, and lights up the living room window in the evening.  I always like to buy something new to go with the old.  I think one of the oldest is a little drummer boy I got when I was 11 in Paris.


Our newest tree decoration


One of our oldest decorations from France

We went up to Tawa in the late afternoon to have a barbeque with friends there.  The sun was shining, the food just right and an excellent first Christmas Day in the summer.

Since then, we have had rain, and a lot of time has been spent indoors reading, watching DVDs and generally eating too much.  I have now eaten enough ham to last me until next Christmas (as straight ham, in a quiche, and stirred through a tomato pasta sauce), and the chocolate cake I mentioned in the last post, seems to go on and on.  Well, it is the season….


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