A lunch, a glass of fizz and a rediscovery

Yesterday, Wednesday, I decided to treat myself to lunch.  You could call it my office Christmas do, the office consisting of me.  Anyway, I walked to Cuba Street and to Floriditas, a well known Wellington institution.  Inside, it has the charming shabby chic style a lot of places have here, with white tiles on the walls and an almost French feel to it.  The place is particularly known for its cakes, but I was there for lunch, so I chose the roast chicken salad, freekeh, witlof and summer herb salad washed down with a glass of Cloudy Bay Pelorus Vintage 07 (excellent).  Freekeh, if you don’t know it, is a form of cracked wheat, very similar to bulgur, so if you like that, you will like this.  Witlof is what I would call chicory.  The herbs were parsley, coriander and mint – a bit too much parsley and not enough of the other two for my taste.  However, it was a great lunch and set me up for the final bits of seasonal shopping.

In one of those ‘that sounds like a good idea’ moments, I decided to get out my old doll’s house and set it up for Christmas.  Of course, these things take longer than you think, and once you start, you can’t stop.  A few things need fixing, but here are a few treasures


A few wee things

The chair was made by my Dad, the willow pattern plate reminds me of my mother’s collection of that pattern, and the little white bowl in front of the chair is an exact copy of a real lotus shaped bowl.  The ‘Pyrex’ casserole is part of a big set of kitchen ware, that I still have some pieces of.  This has survived intact with all handles – pretty good considering I have had this since I was 6 years old!  The wooden board was made in 1978, but I can’t read the artisan’s name on the bottom.  The cheeses were home made.  There will be more on this in blog posts to come I feel!

In between all these things, I still had time to make a quiche with some left over ham and other bits and pieces from the fridge.


Left overs of  left over quiche

I’m almost set up for Christmas.  We’ll get the tree put up this weekend and I might even bake some cookies in the shape of Christmas trees.  Maybe.


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